Intrepid Capital Partners (“ICP”) is an investment platform that forms part of the Vandrevala family office. This platform is exclusively focused on venture capital and private, unlisted growth equity investments.

Founded by Cyrus Vandrevala and Pete Musser in 2001, ICP achieves above-market returns by investing in middle-market companies. ICP creates value by investing in pioneering businesses ahead of the curve. We bring strategic insight, global relationships and operational support to drive operational excellence to propel the investee company’s potential. We are patient investors, committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for the businesses we invest in.

Over 15 years we continue to adapt quickly to dynamic market environments, capitalizing on market dislocations through both traditional and unconventional investment approaches. The founders' achievements over the years alongside companies such as QVC, Comcast, Novell, Zenta Group and Sanchez Group is proof of this. We have successfully exited several investments by merging them with market leaders, IPOs or strategic sales to private-equity funds.

Our approach to investing is thematic, with a focus on forward-thinking companies, geographies and the following sectors:

Our private equity is positioned to acquire companies or invest in technology platforms that require operational improvement, cost realignment, brand revitalizations and patience.

Our venture capital arm is flexible. We deploy capital to create new companies, which allow us to collaborate with experienced management teams and leverage our deep industry and operational expertise to capitalise on strategic opportunities.

Our Investments

Transforming Businesses from the Bottom Up

We have extensive experience working with companies in North America, Europe, Japan and India. We use our experience across banking, technology, machine learning and marketing. Our team act as a catalyst in aiding companies to achieve their strategic goals while creating significant value and returns.

We work in partnership with strong management teams through a constructive approach providing appropriate support and incentives for value creation. We prefer significant equity positions in our portfolio companies. We also provide our portfolio companies with the opportunity to leverage global networks, as well as our considerable operating resources worldwide. We firmly believe in aligning financial incentives with the management teams that run our portfolio companies.

Our Approach

Cutting Edge Businesses and Teams

Given our desired investment size, most of our portfolio companies will typically have positive cash flow from operations, although we are open to investing in turnaround situations, as well. We will only invest in opportunities where we believe we can partner with a flexible and adaptive management team to materially improve operations or grow the business.

Our criteria in investing in based on the following principles:

ICP targets investments in leading middle market companies with the following characteristics:

We are flexible regarding transaction type and capital structure.

Our Track Record

Proven Success Across Borders

Our founders' track record in a range of investments is testament to ICP's success.

This includes companies in the following sectors:

Focus on Thought Leaders

Unlocking the Potential within People

We bring this pool of expertise and talent to investments as necessary. This includes seconding senior executives to investee companies that need talent in order to move to the next stage in their growth.

ICP’s human capital is developed on the extensive network of our founders' associations with the financial, government and business communities.

ICP was co-founded by Cyrus Vandrevala and legendary venture capitalist Pete Musser. ICP is supported ably by a core team of professionals that comes from a variety of backgrounds and brings a diverse set of skills.

The core team has experience in various verticals, such as finance, consulting, venture capital, information technology, outsourcing, manufacturing, media and business services. The team is made up of people who, over their collective careers, have been involved with capital market and M&A transactions of over $200 billion. The team has experience working with companies in North America, Europe, Japan and India.

Our History

Warren V. Pete Musser

Warren V. Pete Musser (1928-2019)

A veteran of the technology and financial industries, the Late Mr Warren V. Pete Musser has been a leading figure in the business world as both an entrepreneur and a chief executive for more than 50 years.

Mr. Musser was perhaps best known for his role at Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer from 1953 until 2001, he facilitated the formation and success of many of today's top Fortune companies, including QVC, Comcast, Novell, Inc. and more. Mr. Musser also served as Chairman Emeritus of Safeguard. He was active on a number of corporate boards as a Director of Internet Capital Group, Inc., NutriSystem, Inc., Chairman of Telkonet, Inc. and InfoLogix, Inc., and Vice Chairman of Health Benefits Direct Corp.

Mr. Musser was a strong supporter of and contributor to technology, investment and philanthropic communities. He was a valued and loved member of a variety of civic, educational, and charitable boards of directors, and served as Chairman of the Eastern Technology Council, Chairman of Economics PA, and Vice Chairman of the National Center for the American Revolution.

Cyrus K. Vandrevala

Cyrus K. Vandrevala

Mr Cyrus K. Vandrevala is a leading private equity investor who has been a pioneer in investing in private companies by utilizing cross-border synergies. Mr. Vandrevala has founded and successfully operated companies in the U.S., Europe, India and the Middle East.

He currently serves as Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Intrepid Capital Partners.

To-date, Mr. Vandrevala through various investment groups has invested in over 100 companies. He received the Global Investor of the Year Award at the 2017 Asian Business Awards. Mr. Vandrevala is also a well-known international philanthropist and is co-founder of the Vandrevala Foundation, improving mental health in India.

ICP also has a network of relationships that Mr. Vandrevala and Mr. Musser have developed over the decades.

ICP has access to a variety of professionals available either as consultants or as entrepreneurs-in-residence. These professionals come from a variety of backgrounds, and include former Fortune 500 CEOs, retired government officials, and professors and other academic personalities.